• Week of April 4th

    Writing Workshop: For the next two weeks children will explore how to write poetry.  After spring break, the children will revise their drafted poems, rewrite them, and collect them into an anthology.  This week we will learn that good poets choose ideas based on topics that are of tremendous importance to them.  They will learn how to look closely and honestly at their important topics to search for memories, small moments, people, places, and conversations to use as inspiration for poems.  Children will choose 1 topic to use as inspiration and begin drafting poems for their poetry anthology.  Poets write poetry to convey meaning.  Children will learn how to write with meaning and describe their world in ways that will make others see the world in a brand new way.  Children will study different poetry conventions and structures and learn how each help the poet convey meaning.


    Reading Workshop: We will continue to study social issues in the books, articles, and stories that we read.  Children will learn to look carefully at the characters in their books and describe how their character overcomes or does not overcome his/her struggles.  Children will also learn that good readers make connections with the social issues in their books, and between their characters lives and their own lives. 


    Math: This week, we will continue our investigation of fractions – focusing specifically on fractions with denominators of 2, 3, & 4.  Children will learn how to make equivalent fractions for ½ , 1/3, and ¼.  We will then explore the relationship between fractions and decimals. 


    Social Studies: We will finish our study of Chapter 7.  Children will read about important places in Washington DC and read a grid map of Washington DC to find & learn about different important places.  On Thursday they will complete a study guide with a partner and then we will go over it together.  On Friday they will take the chapter 7 test.


    Word Study: This week we will study compound words.  Children will be exposed to multiple compound words, and engage in meaningful activities surrounding these words.  No test will be given.  The goals for this week are exposure to the words, ability to define multiple compound words, and to build vocabulary.