• Writing Workshop: Children will continue learning different poetry writing techniques such as choosing effective words to help create meaning, using strong verbs, and writing with precise descriptive words.   

    * TEST PREP: We will also spend 2 days learning how to answer speculative prompts (prompts where they are given a situation and asked to create a story about it).  Children will be taught how to use a graphic organizer to help them plan their story.  They will also be given a rubric and asked to look carefully at their rubric and score their piece.   


    Reading Workshop: We will wind down our study of Social Issues.  We will learn to look carefully at the social issues in our books and lives and understand that each issue has multiple causes and multiple perspectives from which it should be evaluated.  At the end of the week we will have a celebration where children will be asked to give a presentation about their favorite book, the social issue in the book, and what they learned.

    * In your child’s reading response journal they should have the following things written down for each social issue book they have read:


    Social Issue:

    Problems character faces:

    Ways they overcome or do not overcome their problems:

    Connections I can make to this social issue:


    Math: Children will continue exploring the relationship between decimals and fractions:

    1/10 = .1     and 1/100 = .01

    Children will learn to measure objects using the metric unit: cm

    Children will begin to explore probability.


    Science: This week we will prepare our science fair projects.


    Word Study: We will again go back to our regular word study routine of sorting words, and building our vocabulary.