• Week of April 25th

    Writing Workshop: Children will continue learning different poetry writing techniques such as writing with precise descriptive words, arranging words on the page to sound and look like a poem, and revising their words to better express meaning. 

    * TEST PREP: We will also spend 2 days learning how to answer speculative prompts (prompts where they are given a situation and asked to create a story about it).  Children will be taught how to use a graphic organizer to help them plan their story.  They will also be given a rubric and asked to look carefully at their rubric and score their piece.   


    Reading Workshop: TEST PREP: Children will learn that when reading they may be asked to make inferences.  To do so they need to use their schema + textual clues (what the text says / shows).  Children will spend 2 days practicing this skill before moving on to reviewing non-fiction passages and their features.  We will also practice reading and answering questions about non-fiction passages.      


    Math: This week we will continue our exploration of probability, expand our probability vocabulary, and play probability related games. 

    * We will also learn what tree diagrams are and how to solve problems that involve tree diagrams.  Tree diagram problems ask children to create multiple combinations from information given.  For example: I have 2 pairs of pants (brown & black), and three shirts (red, yellow, blue).  How many outfits can I create?     

    * We will also review Venn Diagrams and how to read information represented in a Venn Diagram.


    Science: This week we will conduct our science fair experiments & record and analyze our results.

    Word Study:
    We will continue our regular word study routine of sorting words, and building our vocabulary.