• Week of May 2nd:

    Writing Workshop: We are continuing to prepare for the NJASK test next week.  We will practice answering and scoring the following types of prompts: speculative prompts, expository prompts, and poetry prompts.  This week children will also learn:

    6 Winning Steps to Super Open Ended Responses

    1. Think about the question & identify all parts

    2. Think about the answer (go back to what you underlined in the passage)

    3. Restate the question “What is the problem?”  “The problem is…”

    4. Extend it: “The problem is caused by…”

    5. Support it (using evidence from the text): “One reason…”  “Another reason…”

    6. Close it: “This shows that…”


    Reading Workshop: In preparation for the NJASK children will review the purpose of non-fiction, historical fiction, and how-to articles.  They will read and answer questions using these types of passages. 


    Math: Children will explore volume and how to measure volume using customary and metric units.  Children will also review measurement tools and when to use them.  In preparation for NJASK, children will spend the week reviewing different concepts taught throughout the year as well as how to answer open ended math questions.