• Homework
    *Most weeks the students will have a spelling word list and a homework packet.
    *Frequently students will have math worksheets based on the daily lessons.
    *Students have a monthly reading calendar. They should read 15-20 daily. This is to be recorded on the calendar along with the title of the book. Parents should initial or sign. Calendars will be collected at the beginning of the following month. Each month the class will celebrate their home reading and returning of the calendars.
    *From time to time there will other types of homework assigned. Parents should check student assignments books everyday. Please initial to show that are aware of the homework and that it has ben collected.
    *Friday folders are sent home at the end of the week. All papers stamped sign and return should be sent back on Monday with the student.
    *Communication notebooks are sent home daily. Daily events, activities, and other student information will be communicated here. Parents are encouraged write as often as you wish. Please initial each day to indicate the communication has been read.
    student homework