•  Miss Zaro's Classes have participated in a variety of activities over the years, some links are as follows

    Grade 12 Health- refer to the 12th grade health page for power points
    Grade 10 Health- refer to the 10th grade health page for power points
    Some activities we will doing in physical education:
    Tournaments Click HERE for a preview.
    Yoga Click HERE to view sample yoga exercises
    Fitness Click HERE for access to workouts you can do at home.
    Rock Wall:
    Clickhttp://www.princeton.edu/~oa/climb/belaywal.shtml for a study guide to help with belaying and tying the knots. 
    students are required to know the following:
    Figure 8
    Fisherman's knot
    Proper belay techniques
    Proper commands
    Students in Miss Zaro's Class who have reached the top of the Rock wall:
    Sai Chikkala
    Mathew Russo
    Michelle Wolf
    Mauhasin Fagg-Davis
    Osiano Isekenegbe
    Alesnder Bionat
    Kaitlin Gagliardi
    Josh Lockhart
    Jerrold May
    Fitness Click HERE to see how you progressed in your fitness testing follow the steps below to make your personal graph.
    1. enter all numbers
    2. click on the bar graph button at the top
    3. choose 2-d clustered bar
    4. graph pops up on your screen, by using the key on the right inside the graph see how much you improved from the begining of the unit to the end.