• Clubs/Activities
    You can enhance your high school experience by actively participating in one or more of the wide range of student activities at FHS.  An activities bus is available at 3:45 p.m., Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for bus-riding students who stay for tutorial assistance or participation in activities.  Please note:  Under certain circumstances, parents/guardians may be required to pay a transportation fee.

    Interscholastic Sports

    In addition to a broad range of clubs and activities, Franklin High School offers a comprehensive interscholastic program.
    Fall Season:  Boys/Girls Cross Country, Cheerleading, Field Hockey (V, JV, Freshmen), Football (V, JV, Freshmen), Girls Tennis (V, JV), Soccer (V, JV).

    Winter Season: Boys Basketball (V, JV, Freshmen), Girls Basketball (V, JV, Freshmen), Boys/Girls Bowling, Boys/Girls Indoor Track, Cheerleading, Boys/Girls Swimming, Wrestling (V, JV).

    Spring Season:  Baseball (V, JV, Freshmen), Boys Tennis (V, JV), Boys/Girls Track and Field, Golf, Softball (V, JV, Freshmen)


    Franklin High School provides an after-school program for students who attend our daily instructional program and in some cases, FHS students who are assigned to alternative programs.  Our after-school program takes place from 2:45 to 3:45 PM every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Students attend our detention program, meet with teachers during their office hour, participate in intramural sports and participate in clubs or special activities. 


    Students must arrive to their designated after-school assignment no later than 2:45 PM and must remain at their assigned area until 3:45 PM.  Students must be supervised by a teacher during this time and once released, students must report to the Events Lobby, located in the back of the building.  While students are in the Events Lobby, students are expected to wait for the after-school buses and are supervised by a Vice-Principal and members of our security staff.


    At approximately 4:00 PM, after-school buses arrive at the back of the building and students will be re-leased from the Events Lobby to their appropriate bus.  In order to ride an after-school bus, students must have a PM school bus pass, which they must obtain from the teacher of the program in which they stayed for and a valid school identification card.  Eight (8) buses are assigned to Franklin High Schools after-school program.  Seven (7) buses take students to designated locations in Franklin Township and one (1) bus is designated as the overflow bus in order to accommodate days in which large numbers of students attend our after-school program.  In the event that all eight (8) buses are filled and there are not enough buses to accommodate all students attending our after-school program on any particular day, the FHS administrator assigned will call the transportation department and additional buses will be dispatched to the high school.


    While riding the after-school bus, students are expected to follow all school rules and regulations.  Students who violate the rules of good order as determined by the bus driver and administration will receive the appropriate level of discipline.  In addition, it is our goal to provide a meaningful and productive experience for our students attending our after-school program and assure them that they will benefit from the variety of activities and programs offered.