• College Map   

    College Application Process
    College Entrance Exams

    1. Students are encouraged to register for either the SAT or ACT in the spring of their junior year and to take the same test multiple times.  Registration occurs online for SAT and for ACT.  Be sure to save your log in information because you will need it multiple times! 

    2. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, you are eligible for a fee waiver both junior and senior year for SAT and ACT.  These waivers can be obtained in the Guidance Office.  Waivers cannot be used for late registration, so please plan to obtain your waiver at least one week before the registration deadlines.

    3. Not sure which test to take?  Most colleges accept either, but some students do better on the SAT, while some do better on the ACT.  Please click and consult your school counselor for the best plan for you.

    4. Students must have test scores forwarded to each college to which they plan to apply. This can be done at the time of the test, or online for SAT or for ACT

    5. Students are advised to take the SAT Subject Tests by December if required by colleges.

    Researching Colleges/Preparing the Application 
    1. Log in and use Naviance Family Connection for college research, self-assessments, college visit sign-ups, and college application needs and tracking.  If you do not know how to use this valuable resource already, please click and meet with your school counselor.  Each student should be able to log in with their assigned username and password. Information will be provided to students in classroom lessons. 
    2. Update your e-mail address in About Me, Profile in Naviance so you can receive e-mails about college visits, scholarship information, etc.  Follow instructions to sign up in Naviance for college visits.
    3. Research college options using helpful resources, such as:
    4. Complete your Senior Brag Sheet in Naviance (under About Me, Surveys to Take) by the end of September of your senior year.  This form will be used to help your counselor write your recommendation letter and will aid you in thinking about the best way to represent yourself and your experiences on your college applications.
    5. Meet with your school counselor to discuss your application plan by late September.  Bring a completed transcript request form with all of your colleges listed on it (link form here).  Any students under the age of 18 will need to have a parent/signature on this form.  If any of your colleges require a transcript to be mailed, it is your responsibility to provide 3 postage stamps per college. 
    6. Request a copy of your unofficial transcript in Guidance for updated credits and grade point averages, and to use for colleges that require a self report of academic record, such as Rutgers University.  Please note, you cannot send official transcripts yourself to colleges, they must be sent through the Guidance Department.
    7. Contact teachers for recommendation letters.  Ask them politely in person, and provide them with a copy of your brag sheet and/or resume to help them personalize the letters as much as possible.  Make sure you give them ample time to write your recommendation.  Ask teachers who know you well and can speak to your ability to succeed in college.  After they submit your recommendation, write them a thank-you note.
    8. Many colleges use the Common Application.  Create an account and be sure to save your log-in information.  You will then need to link your Common Application to your Naviance account by following instructions and meeting with your school counselor for questions.  This will ensure that your applications can be sent with all of your school information and recommendation letters.
    9. Keep up with deadlines.  Remember that colleges will see your course selection and senior grades and be sure to always show your best effort! 
    Scholarships/Financial Aid 
    1. Check your e-mail frequently.  The Guidance Department will send monthly scholarship bulletins with scholarship information.  You can also research available scholarships and application instructions under Scholarships in Naviance.

    2. Create an account at FastWeb to help locate appropriate scholarships.

    3. File your FAFSA.  This can be done any time after October 1st of your senior year. 

    4. Attend the FHS Financial Aid Night (with your guardian if possible) in your senior year.