• What is Project Graduation?

        Project Graduation is a nationwide effort to develop awareness of drug and alcohol use among students.  It is a well-established tradition at many high schools, and a tradition that began at Franklin High School in 1994.

       The culminating event for Project Graduation happens on graduation night a free, all-night, drug and alcohol-free celebration for graduating seniors.  This chaperoned party provides a safe, yet fun environment for our children and shows them that they can have a great time and celebrate their achievements without alcohol or drugs.

       In Franklin Township, Project Graduation was started as a joint effort of the Franklin High School Parent Teacher Student Organization (P.T.S.O.) and the Franklin Township Alliance Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse/Youth Services Commission.  

       The Project Graduation Committee, which plans and raises funds for the celebration each year, is comprised of Franklin High School parents, students and staff, and members of the general community.  Membership on the Committee is open to anyone who lives or works in Franklin Township and has an interest in educating our young people about drug and alcohol use/abuse.