• March 18, 2014:  In compliance with the Anti Bulling Bill of Rights law, listed below are the Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Grades issued by the New Jersey Department of Education for the District and each school of Franklin Township Public Schools. 

    The Department of Education is not issuing any associated value or ranking for the raw and average scores.  The scores reflect the school and district’s degree of compliance with the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights as determined primarily through each school’s self-assessment of its implementation of that law.

    Each school grade is a raw score of data and sum of the ratings of all indicators within each core element on the Schools' Self-Assessment.  These areas are:  HIB Programs, Approaches and Other Initiatives; Training on the Board-Approved HIB Policy; Other Staff Instruction and Training Programs; Curriculum and Instruction on HIB Related Information and Skills; HIB Personnel; School-Level HIB Incident Reporting Procedures; HIB Investigative Procedures; and HIB Reporting.

    The district grade is an average of the total scores of all schools in the school district.

    The maximum total score is 75 pts. 

    The District average for the Franklin Township Public Schools is 71 points

    The Chart below indicates the scores for each school and the district. For a breakdown of the scores by self-assessment area, please click on the school/district. 


    School Grade (Max = 75)

    Franklin High School


    Conerly Road School


    Elizabeth Avenue School


    Franklin Park School


    Hillcrest School


    MacAfee Road School


    Pine Grove Manor School


    Sampson G. Smith School


    Franklin Middle School


    District Grade



    * The schools/grades appear in the order indicated on the official release as issued by the NJDOE

    Mr. Orvyl Wilson, our Anti Bullying Coordinator, will be reporting out on these grades at the BOE meeting on March 22, 2014.