• If you do not have a Genesis password please click the following link to print an application.  http://franklinboe.org/Page/9775
    Grades are updated on Genesis weekly.  
    Math 8 Grading Profile 
    Homework: 10%
    Class Work: 20%
    Quizzes: 25%
    Tests: 45%
    Grade 8 Algebra 1 Grading Profile
    Homework: 5%
    Class Work: 15%
    Quizzes: 30%
    Tests: 50%
    Homework is entered into Genesis at the end of each week.  If there were 4 homework assignments for the week you will see 8 possible homework points.  Each homework assignment is worth 2 points.  For example, if a student earns 6 out of 8 possible homework points this means that they got a zero on one hw assignment or that the student earned just 1 point on 2 different assignments.  
    2 hw points: complete assignment
    1 hw point earned: partial credit (no work shown or incomplete work)
    0 hw points earned: did not have homework assignment when it was checked by teacher