• Gifted and Talented Enrichment Program

    The Gifted and Talented Enrichment Program (G & T) provides special projects, accelerated activities, challenging learning opportunities for identified students according to their interests, needs, talents and learning styles. The program offers identified Gifted & Talented students the opportunity to participate in an exceptionally challenging and experiential education to broaden their abilities. It provides all identified Gifted & Talented students the unique opportunity to explore new areas of learning or to excel in one area. The program includes opportunities that allow students to learn through hands-on experiences. The District assures a variety of enrichment activities during the school day including seminars, workshops, field trips, and competitions in addition to before and after school enrichment programs and extracurricular activities.

    Program Information

    At the Kindergarten through Grade One level, challenge activities give exploratory experiences. Students are introduced to higher level thinking skills in whole class and small group settings, providing an enrichment program.

    From Grades Two through Six, emphasis is placed on the higher order thinking skills, independent and cooperative group problem solving, oral presentations/performances, choice in self-interest topics and leadership skills. Enrichment materials focus on analytical, research, and independent thinking skills.

    At the Grade Seven/Eight level, emphasis is placed on complex thinking, research, application of skills/information, and critical evaluation. Through independent study and differentiated instruction, products, presentations, and competitions are fostered. Students participate in Johns Hopkins and Odyssey of the Mind.

    At the Grade Nine through Twelve level, various course offerings in AP and Honors classes, and enrichment activities such as performance groups, interaction with community leaders, experts, and competitions comprise the program. Students are grouped for instruction in academic courses, which are designated advanced to provide lateral acceleration.

    Independent study and individual research projects allow students to extend and enrich their knowledge base in content areas. Student may explore individually or in small groups.


    Consideration for inclusion in the G & T program begins with a teacher recommendation. The Principal or designee chairs an identification/ placement committee at each school. Students are identified for the program based on criteria including:

    Teacher recommendation;

    Student demonstrated G & T learning characteristics;

    Standardized test scores;

    Report card grades.

    Students nominated in other areas other than academic ability, are considered for the G & T program based on auditions, portfolio assessments, and interviews. Special needs and ELL students are nominated for the G & T program based on teacher recommendation and alternative criteria as specified in their Individual Education Plan.

Last Modified on July 30, 2008