• Welcome to MyLearningPlan!

    MyLearningPlan is the District's web-based service for tracking and managing Professional Development activities for it's staff.

    District Professional Learning Opportunities
    Through MyLearningPlan you can browse the online catalog of professional development and activities offered in your department using the search or calendar views. The options for each activity allow you to register and track your professional development hours online. 

    Out of District Conferences
    MyLearningPlan also enables you to submit Out of District Conference requests and receive approval online, allowing the District to go paperless.  The Out of District Conference form is customized to collect the information you need and automatically route it online through the Districts pre-approval process and then mark the activity complete and submit for final professional development credit upon completion (e.g. Building Principal, Supervisor).  Reimbursement will also be managed through the pre-approved, actual and final expenditure tracking.  Requests for reimbursement will automatically be routed to the Superintendent and Business Office for Board Approval.

    A calendar view of your professional development activities is automatically created. You can browse and enroll in activities directly from the calendar. In addition, Buildings, Departments, Grades, Groups, and Individuals can add and maintain their own calendars. The system supports a unique method of showing one calendar over another so a user can simultaneously view their personal calendar, the Professional Development Calendar, their building calendar and your department calendar all at once, or in any combination. View your calendars by month, week or day. Calendars can also be shared and made public on our website.

    Through MyLearningPlan we can survey the staff or community using the Survey Tool. Surveys can be assigned to Departments, Grades, Buildings, Administrators, Individuals or All Users. This tool is great for collecting and analyzing the needs of our district. The data will automatically summarize the results into tables and graphs and can be downloaded to Microsoft Excel. Responses can be anonymous and can be shared with staff.

    MyLearningPlan enables us to collect your feedback and analyze the effectiveness of professional development activities through evaluations and summary forms.

    You can view a summary of your current activities on the Learning Plan screen or view detailed records on your Portfolio Screen. Portfolio views enable you to view completed activities completed toward your 100 hours. You can even view or print Adobe Acrobat PDF completion certificates automatically generated when an administrator grants final credit.

    All users can configure their User Profile for extensive email notification options such as; notify me when I have to approve something, notify me when a new activity becomes available in the catalog, send me an email reminder 5 days before an activity begins, etc.

    Coaches / Instructors
    Coaches and instructors can use various features such as Viewing the Roster, Printing Sign-In Sheets, Downloading Rosters to MS-Excel and more are available from the Instructor Tools. Instructors can also take attendance online.

    Activity Proposals
    Teachers can submit proposals for activities they would like to teach or see offered. Upon approval, these activities will automatically be integrated into the District Catalog and inform the staff of new professional learning opportunities.

    File Library
    The District File Library is a place where documents and files can be posted and shared with all staff for easy access. Here you can maintain their own personal File Libraries in addition to the District File Library.

    Professional Development will continue to be offered throughout the year.  Enjoy!

Last Modified on September 17, 2008