• We are pleased to offer users (students, parents, faculty, staff, administrators, and authorized vendors and guests) of the Franklin Township Public Schools, access to the districts computer network. It is important for all users and potential users to understand that access to the districts computer network is a privilege, and not a right; and that such privilege will be terminated if the user violates this policy, other applicable policies or generally accepted standards of behavior with respect to the use of the network.

    The districts computer network is not a public forum of any kind. The network is closed forum, designed and maintained solely for educational/administrative purposes. It is not intended as a means to express ideas, political views or opinions of users.

    All users accessing district network resources (e.g., hardware, software, bandwidth, storage, etc.) agree to be bound by the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy. A copy of this Policy will be provided to all students, faculty and staff annually. It may also be viewed by clicking here.The requirements and prohibitions of this Policy, and any revisions that may occur from time to time, will follow every district student throughout his/her enrollment in the Franklin Township Public Schools.

    No expectation of privacy.
    The District retains control, custody and supervision of all computers, networks and Internet services (including email) that are owned or leased by the District. The District reserves the right to monitor any and all computer and Internet activity (including email) by any and all users of the computer network, including use by students and staff. No user should have any expectation of privacy in the use of the computer network, including email messages, a record of websites accessed and stored files. The District reserves the right, without further notice, to examine and reproduce email and other files or data at any time. Reasons for such examination/reproduction include: random review to check compliance, suspicion of misuse and the need to respond to a discovery request.

    If any student or parent/guardian disagrees with the provisions of this Policy, s/he may "opt out", and forfeit the students and/or parents/guardians opportunity to use all district network resources or internet where applicable, by submitting a written notice of this decision to the students Principal.