• Programs at the Elementary Level

    Many opportunities are available to students to complement the core curriculum courses set forth by the New Jersey Department of Education. Our Fine Visual and Performing Arts program provides students who wish to broaden their appreciation of the Arts with an interdisciplinary, thematic approach using subject specialists, artists-in-residence, and community resources to create a culturally enriched learning environment. Increased learning opportunities in instrumental and vocal music, creative writing, drama, visual arts, dance, and public speaking enhance the core curriculum.

    Annual productions, ensemble groups, recitals, art exhibits, and community performances provide children opportunities to develop, strengthen, and expand their talents.

    Our Science and Technology Program provides an interdisciplinary thematic approach with the emphasis on Science and Technology. In addition to the classroom teachers, subject specialists provide regular instruction in computer studies, science and technology. Science fairs and other competitions highlight the students' hands-on approach to learning.

    Student observation, discovery, inquiry and problem solving are the vehicles used to study the environment, structural design, robotics, alternative energy sources, transportation, and health. The school's learning environment becomes a combination of classroom, laboratory, museum, weather station, and zoo.