• A major goal of Franklin Township Public Schools' testing program is to provide objective and comprehensive assessment information to parents, teachers, students, and the administration so that quality educational programs can be continuously provided, monitored, and improved. Results of these standardized and locally developed tests help teachers to maximize each student's growth and potential.
    Tests Include:
    Franklin Township Public Schools Kindergarten and First Grade Assessment:

    This is administered to entering Kindergarten students and First Grade students. Individual data is derived and utilized to measure basic knowledge of skills for successful early childhood education.

    New Jersey Proficiency Assessment of State Standards(NJPASS):
    This is administered in early spring to all students in Grades Two, Nine, and Ten to assess reading comprehension, mathematics, language and reasoning skills.
    New Jersey Assessment of Skills & Knowledge (NJASK):
    This is administered to Grades Three through Seven students in the spring. The NJASK assists educators in assessing student achievement of state standards for language arts, mathematics, and science.
    Grade Eight Proficiency Assessment (NJASK8):
    This is administered to all Grade Eight students to assess strengths in reading, mathematics, and writing. The results identify areas that need emphasis in preparation for the Grade Eleven High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA), a graduation requirement.
    High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA):
    This is administered to all students in Grades Eleven and Twelve. All students in the State of New Jersey must pass all both sections (Mathematics and Language Arts Literacy) in order to receive a high school diploma. Students who do not demonstrate proficiency in any one section of the test, or are newly registered students in Grades Eleven and Twelve, have the opportunity to take the test again during the fall or spring of their senior year.