• Week of May 16th:

    Writing Workshop: We are finishing up writing our good copies of our poems for Wednesdays celebration.  Then we are moving on to learning about different types of nonfiction writing in preparation for writing our own nonfiction piece.


    Reading Workshop: The children will begin working with a partner to learn more about a topic of interest to them.  During the course of the week, children will learn how Good Readers: read to learn by asking themselves, “What is there to know about this subject?”

    * internalize information by putting ideas they learn from reading into their words and

    * revisit the text a number of times to obtain more information


    Science: We will begin reading Chapter 14 in our Science Book. The children will learn about heat and light this week.  They will explore the terms insulators, conductors, and shadows.  Children will also learn about ways light move and what happens to light when it travels through an opaque object.


    Math: We will explore graphing and problem solving this week.