• Destiny Library Manager combines circulation, cataloging, searching, reporting and management in one centrally installed library software system. Your students and faculty patrons access the system through any workstation with a supported web browser, through your districts network and the Internet.
    Destiny Library Manager is an easy-to-use, web-based library automation and management solution that offers:


  • Integrated circulation, cataloging, searching, reporting and library management to help each library in your district work more efficiently.
  • Powerful district-wide management including searching, interlibrary loan, holds, reporting, and system administration.

    The Right Information and Resources

  • The right information and resources at the right time, maximizing your librarys power to support students and teachers, curriculum and instruction.

    Strong Library/Classroom Connections

  • Enriched Content Subscriptions to strengthen the library/classroom connection: match titles to students reading levels, align your collection materials to standards, provide safe web searching, streamline cataloging of non-print materials Access to 8+ million quality MARC records for print materials.