• Student Assistance at Franklin Township Public Schools encompasses prevention of drugs and violence in the schools, peer education and prevention programs, such as Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU), Teen PEP, conflict resolution and peer mediation. The Student Assistance Program works in conjunction with the District's guidance department and community agencies to offer a wide range of services that address common issues and needs presented of the students. These issues may include depression, suicide-related problems, teen pregnancy, substance use, eating disorders, violence, and the stresses that accompany these serious matters. The Program offers confidential consultation, assessment, short-term counseling and referral. The Student Assistance Program services are available to all students in Kindergarten through Grade Twelve.

    For confidential information and/or referral, please contact the Student Assistance Office at (732) 249-6410, Ext. 217, for Kindergarten through Grade Eight, and (732) 302-4205 for Grades Nine through Twelve.
    The Student Assistance Program follows regulations included in NJSA 18A:40A-12A, according to the policies of the Franklin Township Board of Education. Below is the formal intervention procedure for students who may be under the influence according to the NJSA 18A:40A-12A: When it shall appear to any teaching staff member, school nurse or other educational personnel that a pupil "may be under the influence of substances" as defined, the staff member shall report the matter as soon as possible to the school nurse, the Substance Awareness Coordinator, and to the Principal. The Principal shall immediately notify the student's parent/guardian and the Superintendent of schools and shall arrange for an immediate examination of the student, including a drug/alcohol screen. The examination may be performed by a physician selected by the parent or by a physician appointed by the Board of Education. In the absence of the parent, a member of the school staff designated by the Principal will transport the student to the physician or an emergency room where an examination including a drug/alcohol screen will be performed. A written report will be presented to the Substance Awareness Coordinator within 24 hours certifying that the pupil is physically and mentally able to return to school. If there is a positive finding for alcohol or other drugs, the pupil and parents will be interviewed by the Substance Awareness Coordinator to determine the extent of involvement and make an appropriate recommendation. Failure to comply with the above will result in disciplinary action.