• Important New Information Contained in FSDirect Requester Guide for Existing Requesters and New Requesters
    Welcome to our online building use system called Facility Scheduling Direct (FSDirect) through SchoolDude.com.  A FSDirect Requester Guide that shows instructions for logging on and applying for building use is attachment 1.  You will be identified as the Requester.
    At the Board of Education Meeting on January 28, 2016, the Board authorized the following facility use, in accordance with Policy 1330 and Regulation 1330R:  
    • use of the following district facilities by organizations other than the Board of Education and the school District on weekdays: Conerly Road School; MacAfee Road School; Franklin Park School; Sampson G. Smith School; Franklin Middle School and Franklin High School.
    • use of the following district facilities by organizations other than the Board of Education and the school District on Saturdays: Franklin High School; Franklin Middle School; Sampson G. Smith School and Franklin Park School.

    Attachment 2 contains insurance requirements (Insurance Notification Guide).


    Applicants must complete, sign and return the "Hold Harmless Agreement" before use of the BOE facility.

    The building use application fee is $50.
    After you have made your request, the request is then forwarded and reviewed by the individual building representative.   You will receive an email from Schooldude.com advising that your requested schedule has been routed.  Once the schedule has been approved by the building representative, the schedule is routed to the Buildings & Grounds department for final approval, invoicing (if applicable) and activation.  Once again, an email will be sent to you.


    If you have specific questions relating to one of our school buildings, please contact them.  If you are having difficulty with FSDirect, please contact Jean Lewis, Buildings & Grounds, 732-873-2371.

    Franklin Township Public Schools have made available an emergency information number. In case of inclement weather and any other special announcements, residents may call 732-873-2400 Ext. 555. School closing and delayed openings will be listed on the announcement. This is an emergency telephone line only.  Updated changes will also be on our website at:  www.franklinboe.org

    Good luck!

    Please print this guide and follow the steps as you fill out the online application.  It contains important information.

    Please follow the link below to the "Hold Harmless Agreement":
    For the "Insurance Notification Guide", please click below: