• Hello Everyone!

    We are introducing a new on-line work order system called MaintenanceDirect through SchoolDude.com.  Here is the link for the Quick Step Guide that shows instructions for logging on and creating a work order.   You will be identified as the Requester.  Use of paper work order forms will be phased out over the next few weeks. 

    After you have completed a work order form on-line, it will be sent to your Head Custodian or Assistant Head Custodian.   They will review the work order to determine if it should be sent to the Buildings & Grounds Department for completion or if they could complete it themselves.  For locations without a Head Custodian (Middlebush, Transportation, Bunkerhill), requests will go directly to B&G.   This program will allow you to view your work orders and check on their status.

    You will have unlimited technical support with SchoolDude.com, and they will help with any questions you may have.   Just call 877/883-8337 or send an e-mail to support@schooldude.com

    We in the Buildings & Grounds Dept. and Head Custodians have already begun using MaintenanceDirect and find it to be a faster and more efficient way of processing and tracking work orders.  Please log onto the user-friendly website and familiarize yourself with creating a work order. 

    Good luck!