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    Dr. John T. Roberts
    Director of Science and Environmental Education
    The Bunker Hill Environmental Education Center is nestled on 95.63 acres located in historic Franklin Township, Somerset County.  As a result of a cooperative effort between the Township of Franklin, the Franklin Township Board of Education and the New Jersey Green Acres Program, the entire property was set aside for permanent conservation in 1989.

    The site consists of a deciduous forest know as the Graeber Woods, a meadow, marsh area and the Simonson Brook.  A one-mile self-guided nature trail winds around different habitats representative of rural central New Jersey.  Located on the site is the Glass House, a home that has been renovated and is now used as a classroom and conference
    The Bunker Hill Environmental Education Center is utilized to provide a wide range of instructional hands-on activities in natural habitats to all students in Kindergarten through Grade Twelve.
    Programs are designed as an integral part of the Franklin Township Public Schools curriculum. They incorporate core curriculum standards through lessons in natures classroom: the fields, the forest, the streams and the marsh on the Centers property.
    The Bunker Hill Environmental Education Center also has a Climbing Tower and High Ropes Course.  This provides students with an opportunity to sharpen critical thinking skills; improve problem-solving ability; build self-confidence; and gain self esteem.