• Artwork by students!
         Lori Ressler 
         Email Address:  lressler@franklinboe.org
               MacAfee Road School / A, B, E, F days (732) 249-9097
               Elizabeth Ave. School / C, D days (732) 356-0113 
            Hillcrest School /A day after 1:00 (732) 246-0170 
    Welcome to the Art Room! 
    Students will  learn about art history, criticism, aesthetics, and art
    techniques in art class.  The Art Elements and Principles of Design will also
    be addressed in art lessons.  We will look at famous paintings and artists.  Projects will be geared to motivate and bring enthusiasm into the art room.  Each student will enjoy a meaningful experience in the art room where they can be expressive and have FUN!