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    Room 43 * Language Arts & Social Studies 
    Writing-  We recently started a new unit called, Baby Literary Essay. After hearing many social issue books read aloud in reading, students will be choosing an opinion about a character, and then writing a three-paragraph essay. The focus will be on structure, organization, and citing evidence from the text. Paragraph one will have: a thesis statement, a brief summary. Paragraph two will have: a topic sentence, three examples from the text supporting the thesis statement. Paragraph three will have: restate your opinion, give a sentence or two of the 'big accomplishment', and lastly a lesson learned.
    Reading- Our new reading unit is all about Social Issues that people in the world face. Some examples are: bullying, homelessness, peer pressure, divorce, poverty, etc. Students will watch how characters change and how they cope with their issue. This will lead into our writing unit about literary essays.

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