Year 3: ENERGIZE!  Charge up! 
    Our second year in the SEE program saw a powerful increase in energy savings for Franklin Township Public School buildings.  Overall, our energy use in natural gas and electricity decreased 13% when compared to our baseline year.  We had a big improvement in electricity savings of 16% in the second year.  Our cost avoidance rose to just over $440,000 for Year 2, proving that we really ENGAGED ourselves in saving energy.  See our results here.
    Our district also participates with Energy Star as a K-12 Partner.  We track our energy use through Energy Star's Portfolio Manager, and our building ratings now average 75 for our portfolio of buildings.  The EPA site also calculated our reduction in greenhouse gas emissions at an impressive 1288 metric tons of carbon dioxide eliminated from the environment.
    Four of our schools have solar panels that produce renewable energy that is consumed by the building where the solar array is located.  Pine Grove Manor School, Franklin Park School, Franklin High School and Elizabeth Avenue School have flat-panel tv screens that demonstrate how much electricity is being produced and used by the building.  Last year, these four schools used 1.49 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy.
    We are Energized for our third year in the SEE program, and Charged up to save even more!

    Our Energy Efficiency Coordinator, Connie Coriell, is responsible for the coordination and communication of our energy reduction efforts, as well as for working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on achieving ENERGY STAR® awards for our high-performing schools. You can contact her at ccoriell@franklinboe.org or 732-873-2371 x27 with any questions or ideas about how to save energy in our school buildings.


    For more information about the SEE program, visit www.class5energy.com