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    Health and Physical Education Teacher 12th grade
    Field Hockey Assistant Coach
    Assistant Girls Basketball Coach
    Girls Spring Track and Field Assistant Coach

    Contact Information

    Email Address: akavanagh@franklinboe.org 
    Phone Number : 732-402-4200 x 6433

    Physical Education Grading Policy

    The Grading Policy for Physical Education classes will consist of a point system.
    Students can receive a maximum of two and a half (2.5) points per day. One and a half (1.5) points will be earned for dress/participation in the class and one (1) point will be earned for class attitude, behavior, and an understanding of the rules of the activity.
    A maximum of twelve (12) points can be earned for tests conducted at the end of each activity period. A letter grade will then be calculated using the district’s grading scale based on the number of points a student has earned.
    If a student has an unexcused absence from school or their physical education class, they will lose two and a half points for the day. The student can make up their absence during intramurals after school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:30‐3:30.
    PE Class Attire All students must change out of their school clothes and into their “PE” clothes. At no times are mid‐drift, cut‐off, V‐neck or sleeveless T‐shirts, or athletic department game uniforms allowed as attire during class. Athletic shorts or sweatpants with no buckles, zippers or straps are to be worn. Jeans or any other denim material is not permitted. Jewelry is not permitted to be worn during PE classes. Footwear must be socks and sneakers. Work boots, ballet shoes, and sandals are not permitted. Improper footwear also results in being unprepared.
    Each unprepared is equal to ‐5 points. Any student who has five (5) unprepared days in any one (1) marking period fails physical education for that marking period. Parents/Guardians will be contacted after the third time.
    The PE staff has an open door policy with parents and guardians at all times during the marking period. A student who is unprepared can earn two and a half (2.5) points by attending the intramural program after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

    Locks & Locker Room

    Students will receive a school issued Master Lock and locker at the beginning of the school year to be used to safely store their personal belongings during PE class. If a lock is lost or misplaced, the student will be responsible for purchasing a new lock from the school for $5.00. The school and physical education staff are NOT responsible for any lost or stolen items.
    Students are NOT permitted to bring any electronic devices (I‐pods, mp3 players, cell phones or money) to be left in the lockers in the PE locker rooms. Students should also not leave their clothes or personal belongings out in the locker room without being locked in a locker. Students must return their locker lock at the end of the school year. Failure to do so will result in a $5.00 charge to cover the cost of the lock. If a student has a lock that has been removed or damaged in the locker room, it is the student’s responsibility to report this infraction to their health and/or physical education teacher immediately.

    Physical Education Medical Release Procedure

    All students who request a medical release for one day or a short series of days must present the school nurse with a parental or Doctor’s note requesting such. This note will become part of the student’s medical record. If granted the building nurse will issue a medical release pass excluding the student from the participation in class. A parent may write a request to have their child excused from PE class; a doctor’s note is required for any excuse more than three (3) days. A student with a medical excuse for a period of one (1) to two (2) weeks with a doctor’s note must complete a two page written report that will be assigned by the PE teacher.