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    May 2016 
    FPS Garden Clean Up Party  
     September 2012
    From Garden to Table. The produce from our FPS Garden is now being used in our cafeteria to make salads that will be served to the students at FPS. Green Peppers, carrots and tomatoes were used to create scrumptious salads each week! Take a look...
    Preparing  competed salad
    June 2012
    Ms. Bunch & Ms. Maharajh's Kindergarten class planted cucumber, squash & bean plants. We also observed some worms in the soil from the composter. We harvested Chinese Cabbage & Bok Choy. We later wrote "How to" books to teach others how to observe worms, pick lettuce, compost and plant a seed! 
    Composter  Looking at Worms
    Observing the worms from the composter soil.  
    Planting Planting  Tall Broccoli Rab
     Look how tall the chinese cabbage got! 
    The After-Care Garden Club packaged our Chinese Cabbage & Bok Choy plants for families in the FPS Community to enjoy! 
     May 2012
    Ms. Carmada shares her scrumptious recipes with the FPS community online! Just click the recipes link on the side bar. Come of FPS, we challenge you to add more great recipes to our garden collection.
    Ms. Sempervive & Ms. Carmada's third grade classes looking at a quail and having a planting lesson! 
    CS1  cs2
     CS3 SC4
    CS6  CS7
    Ms. Sue Kelly's Kindergarten class
    picking lettuce for tasting!
    Lettuce :Lettuce 2
     Lettuce 3
    Kindergarten classes Ms. Sue Kelly, Ms. Carter. Ms. Kurre, Ms. Bunch/Maharajh, Ms. Cohen/Upadhyaya, Ms. Milano, Ms. Rizkalla and Ms. Allen's class studied the life cycle of Butterflies. We observed the growth of painted lady butterflies for four weeks and then released them into the garden outside. 
    Butterfly Pavillion   
    Our After-Care Program forms a Garden Club for third & fourth grade students. They weed and water the school's growing plants. Thanks to Ms. Carol & Ms. Vivianna from the After-Care program and Ms. Lael, Ms. Sue Kelly, Ms. Maharajh and Ms. Diaforli for helping the third and fourth grade students. 
    Ms. Zachert's first grade class & Ms. Rizkalla's kindergarten class sampled lettuce. 
    April 2012
    Planting Sunflowers
    Mrs Anyanwu & Mrs.Earley's Pre-K Class
     EA4 EA4
    We planted sun flowers for spring and the children have had a great time taking care of the garden daily and watching the flowers grow.
     Earth Day Composting
    Ms. Bunch & Ms. Maharajh's Kindergarten class
    Our Kindergarten class collected
    10 lbs of compostable waste from our snacks and lunches. 
     Composting Composting 2
    Composting Composting
    We learned the steps for using a composter.
               We hope our fruit and vegetable peels will make rich soil for
    our garden beds in May & June! 
    Ms. Jhaveri's Kindergarten ESL Class
    On 4/27 we planted beans (seeds) in cups. We started a Plant Journal to record the plant growth and our activities. We read many books related to Plant Cycle, Plants in different habitats, Rainforest, etc. We learned new science vocabulary related to the topic and used some science words in our writing. The journal entries in the Plant Journals were students’ original writing that they did that after rich discussions. Students learned and sang a poem on plants and made a book. They learned the parts of a plant and used those words in their writing, eg. stem, leaves, etc. They also learned the sentence structure showing cause and effect, If...then…and used it in their writing to describe what plants need and what happens if they don’t get it. We also took a tour of our garden and checked out other plants, worms, etc.They enjoyed the whole experience and became so attached to their plants that they were not willing to replant their really big bean plants in our garden. Instead they wanted to take them home. So they took their plants home along with their journals and other work to share with their families. Some students informed me that they replanted their plants either in bigger planters or in the ground. It was indeed a great educational project that was fun and exciting. Thanks to Ms. Lael for providing seeds, soil and a tray. I hope to continue doing this fun project.
    Ms. Zachert's first grade class planted lettuce and beets! 
    Ms. Anthal’s first grade class learned about Natural Resources! We explored the garden and talked about how all of the vegetables and plants that grow there are natural resources that we need to live.


    Ms. Sena and Ms. Rodriguez fourth grade class

    During the month of April, we planted seeds for early spring planting.  Previously, in our historical fiction reading unit we studied the lives of the pioneer times, where planting and harvesting food was essential for living throughout the winter months.  We read historical fiction novels and learned about the type of crops pioneer people planted and harvested, as well the manual labor that went into these strenuous activities.  We planted some seeds including: parsley, lettuce, cauliflower, spinach and cabbage.  We observed the seeds as they began to sprout, transplanted them into peat pots and then passed them along to be planted into the garden where they can be picked and enjoyed by the school community. 

    March 2012
     The Lorax - Dr. Seuss' Birthday 
     The Lorax 2
    Our entire school made promises for the Earth which were written on "trufulla leaves" and placed around the hallways of FPS! How bright and beautiful our school looked!
    Ms. Carmada's Class Composting in honor of the Lorax!
    CC3  CC4
    CC1  CC2
     Ms. Rizkalla reading to K students during our
    Read Across America festivities. 
    The Lorax  
     We read the Lorax by Dr. Seuss to our classes. 

    Ms. Allen's kindergarten class
    We planted lettuce in the garden. The students learned how to care for the lettuce. We sprinkled vegetable growth and watered the lettuce. The students were able to pick the lettuce 3 times and taste the lettuce afterwards.
    February 2012
    Lamb Visit to the Kindergarten Classes  
     Lamb Visit 1
    Lamb 2  Lamb 3
    Lamb 6  
     Lamb 4
     Ms. Bunch holding the 6 day old lamb! 
      December 2011 & January 2012
    Winter Nature Walks
    Animal Hibernation & Migration Lessons 
    Ms. Sue Kelly's K class investigating the slugs! 
      Look at the cauliflower and broccoli plants... 
    Look at the big slugs we found in the garden during the winter months. 
    Broccoli  Plant
    November 2011
     Ms. Sue Kelly's K class harvesting a carrot! 
    Carrot in Salada  
    Carrot Observations Holding the Carrot
     Pumpkin Investigations with Ms. Sue Kelly's Kindergarten & Ms. Laub's 4th grade buddies
    Thanksgiving Past & Present Comparisons!  
    October 2011
    NJ Agricultural Society Student Essay and Poster Contest
    FPS Winners of Contests  
    Kindergarten- Joanna Jenkins- Ms. Woodhead
    1st grade- Isabella Chee - Ms. Orsillo
    2nd grade- Ashka Jani - Ms. Velez
    3rd grade - Nibedita Ghosh - Ms. Bash
    4th grade -  Simone Thompson - Ms. Pilgrim
    Harvesting our Crops!  Fall Leaves Projects
     Fall Leaves
    Ms. Mollinari & Ms. Tania Kelly's third grade class 
    In October, we carved pumpkins and talked about their growth cycle. We observed the vine plants growing in the garden.
    Pumpkin Vines
    Pumpkin 2   
    September 2011 
    Making Apple Sauce & Johnny Appleseed
    Ms. Bunch & Ms. Maharajh's Kindergarten Class  
    Apple Sauce  
    Johnny Appleseed
     Apple Tasting
     Apple Tasting!
    Red and Yellow Delicious & Granny Smith Apple Varieties
    Sweet or Tart?
     NJ Agricultural Society Grade Level Assemblies
    Staff Professional Development
    Plant Growing  
    2011-2012 School Year 
    June 2011
    Planting Lettuce, Beans, Herbs, Carrots, Beets, Peas, Peppers, Zinnias etc.
     Bean Sprouts
    May 2011
    The Garden Party: Celebrating the Possibilities!

    Digging the Mound

     Empty Beds