• Welcome to the Board of Education Policy Page

    The purpose of this web page is to familiarize parents/guardians and other community members with the procedures involved in the creation, adoption and revision of Board of Education policies, bylaws and in some instances regulations; to provide easy access to important policies which are often of concern to parents and guardians and to provide background on new policies/bylaws and revisions to existing policies/bylaws as they come to the Board for adoption. 
    One of the specific functions of a Board of Education is Policy development and review.  In our district, policy and bylaw creation, review and revision generally pass through the Policy Committee who makes a recommendation for action to the full Board.  The Policy Committee meets monthly to discuss and/or review policies, bylaws or regulations of the district.
    Generally speaking, policies govern the work of the district.  They are organized in a manual by subject area.  The 1000 series pertains to the community; 2000 series to administration; 3000 series to business; 4000 series to personnel; 5000 series to students; 6000 series to instruction; and the 7000 series to construction (facilities).  The final section of the manual is the 9000 series which are the bylaws of the district.  This section specifically pertains to the Board of Education.
    Please refer to the documents on the side of this page for more details on the process for policy adoption and revision; a link to our on-line policy manual; a list of policies that may be of special interest to parents/guardians and when applicable further information about policy matters that will be coming to the full Board of Education for action.