Welcome to Michael Zarro's Teacher Page

    Contact Information:
              Email Address: mzarro@franklinboe.org (preference)

              Office Hours: Tuesdays in B323 until 3:18 pm
    Course Expectations:
    Firstly, welcome to our Mathematics class.  I am hoping you all have a fantastic year and enjoy coming to and being in our class.  I strive to keep classes interesting for all of you while also sharing my math knowledge so that you can succeed in our class and future math classes.  Now then, onto the class syllabus:
    1)  You are responsible for you.  In high school, responsibility is important.  You may be close to or already are eligible to have a job, where being responsible is very important.  If you miss a day in class, please see your classmates or me about what you missed.  I will, of course, notify you if you missed a quiz or a test and we can work out a make-up date that is within a reasonable timeframe.  If you miss school and homework was due, it is your responsibility to hand it in the next school day via Google Classroom/email.

    2)  My office hours are on Tuesdays in room B323 until 3:18 pm, during which I will be available for after school help and to make up tests or quizzes.  If for some reason you cannot make my office hours, please let me know and we can perhaps meet before or after school another day.  If there is a change in plans and you cannot make it, let me know as soon as possible.  I will always be considerate of your time, so please be considerate of mine.

    3)  And now what you are all waiting for, the grading profile:

    • Assessments (35%) - Tests & Projects

    • Performance Assessment (25%) - Graded Classwork Assignments (like some IXL, Quizzes, etc.)

    • Learning Activities (35%) - Classwork Assignments (some IXL, Notes submission, Exit Tickets)

    • Homework (5%)

    4)  Cell phones are not allowed during class.  Please keep them on silent or turn them off entirely. Repeated use of your cell phone, especially when it interrupts class may result in parent contact.

    5)  Please ensure your Chromebook is brought to class daily and charged!

    6)  Please arrive to class on time. Remember, every 5 lates turns into 1 absence.