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    Welcome to Mrs. Frumkin's Teacher Page
    8th Grade Math
     Dear Parents and Guardians,
    Welcome to my teacher page.  These are the guidelines for 8th grade math.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to a successful year with your student!
    Tara Frumkin 
    Required Supplies: Please use this list instead of the list on the SGS main website.
    1) Ear buds or headphones 
    2) 3 ring binder (2 inches or larger)
    3) Lined paper for binder
    4) Pencils, erasers, sharpeners for student's personal use
    Optional Supplies:
    5) Clear plastic sheet protectors to assist in organizing the binder (approximately 25 any brand) 
    6) Pack of 5 dividers for orgainzing binder
    7) Basic calculator for Math 8 students or TI-84 for Algebra students. Classroom calculators will be provided for in-class use but cannot be taken home.
    Organization is very important for learning mathematics.  Students may "clean out" their binder at the end of each marking period - not before.  When cleaning out the binder, papers should be placed in a folder and kept at home for future reference.   
    Homework will be assigned almost every day and is due in class the next day.  Late homework will not be accepted for credit except in the case of absence.  If a child is struggling with a problem they should mark it with a question mark and be prepared to go over it in class the next day.  
    Office Hours 
    Will be in room 600 on Thursdays from 2:40-3:20. Students should bring specific questions from HW, CW, tests, etc. that they need help with. An announcement will be made when the first day of office hours is determined by school administration.
    Will be announced well in advance.  If time allows there will be a review.  Work must be shown to receive full credit.  
    Grades are updated on Genesis on a weekly basis.  Please check your student's progress regularly and contact me with any questions or concerns.
    Missing just a few minutes of class time can result in difficulty with a math concept.  Students must minimize time out of class. 
    In the event of absence the student must make up all homework, class work and exams.
    Students are expected to be in their seats when the late bell rings.