Welcome to QSAC Preparation 2013 - 2014
    Each Statement of Assurance Area has its own web page which is listed to the left of this page.  Within each web page there are file library pages which correspond to each question under that Area.  Some questions were sub divided to make it easier to address each part of the question.
    Those District employees on the QSAC Committee who are responsible for gathering the information and documentation to answer and support each question have been given viewing and editing rights to this section of the web site.  The other members of the Committee have viewing rights to the QSAC Preparation 2013 - 2014 Section.
    To view a particular Statement of Assurance Area, click on the name to the left of this page.  A page will appear with headings that correspond to the questions in that area.  If document(s) in support of that question have been uploaded, you will see them listed under the heading. Click on the document to view it.