Email Address:  jransavage@franklinboe.org

              Phone Number: 702-873-4200

    Welcome to Mr. Ransavage's Teacher Page.  This site has information for students, parents and anyone curious about my classroom.  
    Biography- Art and Teaching has always been my passion.  I graduated from the University of Massachusetts and worked in the private sector focusing on Graphic design.  I pursued my Master's degree in teaching while I continued to develop my skills in the ceramic arts. I've taught at Franklin High school for 5 years and hope to stay for many many more years.
    Classes Taught: 
    1. Ceramics 1.  2.5 Credits- Half year course.  This Course is designed as an introductory course to ceramics.  The essential elements of the course include learning the 3 hand building techniques; Pinch, Coil, Slab.  Students build 4-5 pieces that incorporate the hand building methods.  Students explore and develop their skills using the various tools when constructing clay art pieces.   We explore the history of ceramics and how it is used today in commercial products. Students learn how Art influences the world around them and become skillful in thinking deeply about art.  Clay is the medium and students develop their ability to formulate ideas, plan and construct.  
    2. Ceramics 2.  2.5 Credits - Half Year Course In this Course students build upon what they've learned in Ceramics 1.  Students build projects using the hand building methods, but also use the Wheel.  We explore the various Elements and Principles of Design in depth and begin to implement what is learned into the projects.  Students are encouraged to tap into their inner creative self and push their boundaries of self exploration