• Welcome to Mr Tramontano's Teacher Page

    Contact Information:
               Email Address: JTramontano@franklinboe.org
    Classes Taught 2016-2017
    Set Design I  (Periods 2, 5, 7, 8 : Full Year) 
    Set Design II  (Period 4 : Full Year)
    Set Design III   (Period 4 : Full Year)
    Set Design IV   (Period 4 : Full Year)
    Office Hours: Tuesdays in A-201 OR Auditorium 
    Afterschool Activities: Set design and Construction for the musical is typically after school in the auditorium Tuesday-Thursday from Mid-February until the show. After school hours generally run until 5pm, staying gradually later as the show nears. There are many opportunities to design, build, and paint. Please see me in A201 for more information. 
    Last year's fall production of "Chronicles of Narnia" as well as our spring production of "Mary Poppins" were both great successes. Thanks for supporting us and hope to see even more involvement this year for "And Then There Were None [Fall] and Sister Act [Spring]!