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    Research suggests that schools with a positive social climate are associated with fewer occurrences of conduct problems and better student performance outcomes (e.g., achievement and attendance).  Affirming positive behavior, teaching social skills, involving students at all levels of the school, equipping teachers with the skills to meet the needs of diverse learners, coordinating programs, and using multi-setting interventions are all examples of recommended practices for promoting a positive school climate. While a positive school climate benefits all students, students with individualized behavior support particularly benefit when school environments are positive, welcoming, and supportive of individual needs.  

    Positive Behavior Support in Schools is a New Jersey initiative that trains school personnel to implement School-wide Positive Behavior Support, a nationally recognized multi-tiered intervention framework. To support the development of positive school climate practices at FMS, the NJ PBSIS team uses the multi-tiered intervention model to address the continuum of behavior, conduct, and climate needs present in our school.  All FMS teachers and various other school personnel participated in different trainings to learn how to implement School-wide Positive Behavior Support at our school and have developed an integrated system that:
    1. Promotes and encourages positive social behavior and climate school-wide;
    2. Applies function-based problem solving to address the needs of students engaging in repeated behavior problems; and
    3. Engages staff in routine reflection and data based decision making to guide intervention-planning decisions.
     At Franklin Middle School we call this “The Spirit of the Warrior”