• Congratulations

    to our 

    Academic League Club Students

    #1 in Somerset County!!


    Our Team travels to a host school where students participate in a quiz format similar to the Jeopardy Game. 

    FHS is represented by two  teams in the Somerset County league matches- Junior Varsity (J.V.) & Varsity. 

    Each team plays against the other team in the league and the team with maximum wins will decide the first and second place. 

    Usually the games are played for 60 minutes. There are current high school teams in the league. 

    Teams are then ranked against every other student and team in the state.  

    Questions range from wide topics like general knowledge, American History, Math, American Literature, Sports, current events, Geography, Arts & Entertainment, fictional characters, foreign culture, life sciences, Visual Arts, United States , Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Mythology, historical figures, Government & Law, Grammar and Fine Arts.