• Club Rush 2020-2021

    Franklin High School's First Virtual Club Rush 

    was held on October 8, 2020.

    The annual Club Rush is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn about the diverse student organizations that make FHS a vibrant and inviting community! 

    Take a look...


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    Admininstrators' Club Rush Welcome Message 

     See our club videos on YOUTUBE

    Africa & Islands United Club, Ms. Das

    Google Classroom:mv4gnqd

    Amnesty International Ms. Moyer

    Google Classroom: ah6uqgi

    Anime Club, Ms. Montanari

    Google Classroom: 2jpx2w2

    Art Club, Ms. Constantinou

    Google Classroom: 33twdja


    Google Classroom: cqfvxe5

     Asian Awareness, Mrs. Sharma

    Google Classroom:hxc4shk

    Aviation Club, Dr. Yi

    Classroom Code: vjtcja3

    Black Youth Awareness (BYA), Dr. Nelson

    Google Classroom: ye3huba

    Book Club Cover to Cover, Ms. Santiago 

    Google Classroom: dsoi3u5

    Class of 2021, Mr. Freedman 

    Google Classroom: pixvyof

    Class of 2022, Mr. Tirella

    Google Classroom: p37y5uu

    Class of 2023, Mr. Lewis & Ms. Nagourney

    Google Classroom: ekmtgwe

    Computer Science Club, Ms. Gordon & Ms. Marotta

    Google Classroom: 446eais

    DECA, Catalfamo & Trout

    Google Classroom: qqutmyl

    Environmental Club, Anderson, Kerry 

    Google Classroom: 6vurxyd

    FBLA, Ms. Nagourney & Ms. Strouse

    Google Classroom: jxulc22

    F=ma Physics Comp Team, Dr. Yi

    Google Classroom: a6bryap

    French Club, Ms. Alphe

    Google Classroom: jpkzmko

    H.O.S.A. Club, Dr. Dimova 

    Google Classroom: 3ywtgtl

    JCL Junior Classical League Club, Ms. Jones 

    Google Classroom: heffo3n

    JROTC, Part I Major Vazquez & Sergeant Bobé 


    JROTC Drill & Color Guard Team Google Classroom: f6u34bj

    JROTC Raider Team Google Classroom: u2kjcje

     JSA Junior State of America, Mr. Lewis

     Google Classroom: heffo3n

    Junior Achievement, Ms.Nagourney

    Google Classroom: fw4ohnf

    Key Club, Ms. Lewis

    Google Classroom: wjrkkxj

    Library Club, Ms. Santiago & Ms. McBride

    Google Classroom: qddnbo6

     LatinX Warriors, Ms. Cucinotta

    Google Classroom: 5q3w3vi

    Math League, Ms. Condon

    Google Classroom: 36cc57k

     MedTech Club, Mr. Chen 

    Google Classroom: spnpaux

    Mental Health Awareness Club, Dr. Bordeau & Mr. Marchitto

    Google Classroom: pdypse6

    Miss Rep Club, Ms. Zeno  

    Google Classroom: g2avt2v

    Model UN and Model Congress, Mr. Guglielmo & Mr. Foster

    Google Classroom: aif2kgg  

     National Honor Society, Mr. Duncan

    Neuroscience Club, Ms. Shah

    Google Classroom: 3snk2o2

    P.A.C.E. Dr. Nelson

    Google Classroom: fuj1ir

    REBEL Club, Ms. Hale 

    Google Classrooom: 64kwoxf

    Red Cross Club, Ms. Levine 

    Google Classroom: cfgpkbw

    RIME Club, Mrs. Fitzmaurice 

    Google Classroom: 4uscrqk

    Robotics Club 2020, Dr. Bitko

    Google Classroom: zp2hadu

    School Store, Ms. Strouse 

    Google Classroom: 2vfmlmv

    Science Research Club, Dr. Bitko

    Google Classroom: oeijvji

     Senior Class Council, Mr. Freedman 


    Google Classroom: f5lyxif

    Spanish Club Hispanic (Honor Society) Sra. Black & Sra. Muir

    Stock Market Club, Mr. Freedman

    Google Classroom: ott4qgd  

    Student Government Association, Mr. Freedman 

    Google Classroom: 6slb2m5

    Thespian Society Club, Ms. Beattie  

    Google Classroom: rvxvsc7

    Ultimate Warriors, Mrs. & Mr. Burd

    Google Classroom: nojybjq

    Unified Cheerleading, Ms. Francis

    Google Classroom: w7x45sj

    Virtual Sparring, Ms. Rivera & Ms. Rizvi 

    Google Classroom: mibeicp

    Warriors Newspaper Club, Ms. Moyer 

    Google Classroom: qiun5jg

    Warriors Unite, Ms. DePaola

    Youth in Action (YPAR), Ms. Hasan & Mr. Novak 

    Google Classroom: jodkttf

    2021 Yearbook Club, Mr. Gaber