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    As a School Counselor, Ms. Danberry approaches each day with a sizeable sense of humor, enormous heart, and vast knowledge of resources. She has dedicated her career to School Counseling to help students realize their unique talents so they can explore their passions and work towards a successful life after high school. Unsure of her future path, Ms. Danberry took a year off after high school to work full-time. She then began college at RVCC while continuing to work in the banking industry. While completing her undergraduate degree in Management Science at Kean University, she had to take a Psychology class which changed her entire education direction. She completed her degree and added a Psychology minor so she could fulfill the requirements to begin the Master of School Counseling program at Centenary College. Ms. Danberry has been with Franklin High School since 2013 and was named Educational Services Professional of the Year in 2020. She is on the Board of the Somerset County School Counselors’ Association and an active member of the New Jersey School Counselors’ Association. Ms. Danberry volunteers with Unified sports at FHS, is very involved with the military to present opportunities to students, and teaches a class at the District’s alternative school, Roads to Success. She is also very busy with her two sons and dog, hiking, going to the beach and lake, playing football and soccer, and any other things they dream up!





































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    Hello!  My name is Wendy Bordeau and I have been a school counselor at FHS since 2010!  I am truly grateful for this opportunity to help students and their families as they navigate the personal, academic, college/career, and social aspects of the high school experience and prepare for their future goals.  Though I was born and raised right here in NJ, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from James Madison University in Virginia and my Masters and Ph.D. in Counseling from The University of North Carolina in Greensboro.  My favorite hobbies are spending time with friends and family, reading, playing games and puzzles, and going to the beach. I am an animal lover and our family currently includes a dog, two cats, and a bunny (as well as two human teenagers)! I look forward to my continual work with the awesome students, families, and staff of FHS!


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    Hello everyone! My name is Jackie Schumacher, and I have been a School Counselor at FHS since August of 2013. I earned my Bachelor's Degree from Temple University in Criminal Justice and a Masters Degree in School Counseling from Montclair State University. Prior to my work at Franklin, I was a Resident Home Youth Counselor for the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission, where I provided counseling services to juveniles struggling with mental health, legal, and substance abuse issues. I supported my residents in making plans for employment and education upon exiting the juvenile justice system. In this experience, I truly found my passion for working with young people and helping them to make positive choices. I am determined to help our students achieve in all facets of life, whether it be related to academics, social/emotional issues, and, of course, college and career planning. I love being a School Counselor because this position affords me the opportunity to help students realize their true potential. Every day is different and brings new challenges, which keeps things exciting! I pride myself in getting to know the students, faculty, and staff at Franklin High School and within the district because I believe that a collaborative effort is truly necessary to ensure the needs of every student are met. I am also an Assistant Field Hockey Coach for Franklin and truly love working with our athletes. Outside of Franklin, I love to spend time with my family and friends and enjoy hiking, running, and coaching lacrosse!






















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    Hello Franklin Families! My name is Kimberly Frommé and I graduated from The College of New Jersey in 2005 with a BA in English, Secondary Education. I later earned my MA in School Counseling in 2012 from TCNJ as well. I joined the FHS Counseling Team in 2014 after teaching high school English for 9 years at Hillsborough High School. While at HHS, I coached Girls Soccer and was the Junior Class Advisor. In 2016, I was awarded Educational Services Professional of the Year for Franklin High School due to my work as a School Counselor. In 2019, I left the district for two years as my family was relocated to Switzerland. After an amazing experience abroad, our family returned home to NJ and I feel so fortunate to be back at FHS. I love being a School Counselor because every day is an adventure! When I am not working with our amazing students, I love to spend time with my family and friends. Some passions of mine include traveling, reading, and of course, the Jersey shore!



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    Hi Everyone! My name is Chance Summerer, I have been a part of the School Counseling team at Franklin High School since the 2016-17 school year. Prior to FHS, I worked as a Crisis Intervention Specialist for the Eastmountain Youth Lodge and had various jobs at farms throughout Somerset County. I attended Raritan Valley Community College, finished my Bachelors with Thomas Edison State University, and received my Masters with Centenary University (All right here in NJ!). I am an "outside kid" and like to take advantage of some of the beautiful spaces we still have in our state: hiking, swimming, climbing, and being active outside. I think that no matter what path you choose to take, a post graduation plan and some form of secondary training are required to be successful. That can look different for each student and I enjoy discussing alternatives to the traditional path.