The Department of Pupil Personnel Services
    Franklin Township Public Schools provides a continuum of programs
    and services to provide unique educational opportunities for all students.  
    The Director of Pupil Personnel Services
    Dr. Brenda Sofield (732) 873-2400 Ext. 216
    The Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services (grades 6-12) 
    Ms. Holly Gamble (732) 302-4200 Ext 6108
    The Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services (grades PreK-5) 
    Ms. Kimberly Bunch (732) 873-2400 Ext. 410   
    The Supervisor of Child Study Teams 
    Mr. Ryan Green (732) 873-2400 Ext. 499  
    The Coordinator of Paraprofessionals
    Ms. Anna Boardman (732) 302-4200 Ext 4452
    District Offices are located at 1755 Amwell Road, Somerset, NJ 08873
    (732) 873-2400
    Office Staff
    Ms. Cathy Berger Ext 203
    Ms. Beth Vroman Ext 204
    Ms. Margie Fiorentino Ext 220
    If you are a resident of Franklin Township and suspect that your child is having learning difficulties or if a health care provider has indicated that your child should be evaluated, please contact the Department of Pupil Personnel Services 1755 Amwell Road, Somerset, New Jersey, 08873.  (732) 873-2400 Ext. 203.

    Franklin Township Public Schools has established a parent advisory group, the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee [SEPAC].  The purpose of this committee is to strengthen and enhance partnerships between students, parents, and education professionals.  Please find a letter with more information about this Committee.