• Genesis - Student Information System
    Franklin Township Public Schools uses a parent communication tool which enables parents/guardians to view student information.  This tool is called Genesis.  The Genesis Parent Access portal can provide parents/guardians with information about student grades, attendance and other related information. 
    Most families receive a Genesis Parent Access account when their child is first registered with our district.  At that time an email would have been sent to the person listed as Guardian One asking them to log in and reset their password.
    If you do not know whether or not you have an account, or if you are sure that you do not have one, you can contact our Student Information Systems Manager at dsiesputowski@franklinboe.org or you may reach out via email to the following representatives from your child's school who should be able to answer questions about your account.
    HSC-kstephenson@frankinboe.org; FHS-cvbush@franklinboe.org

    You may be asked to submit a form which can be found below and sent via email to the individuals listed above.   

    FYI...if you are a Parent/Guardian, are sure you already have a Genesis Parent Account and are locked out, please send an email with the following information to the Helpdesk at:  helpdesk@franklinboe.org
    Include the following information in your email to Helpdesk:
    • subject line of email to include:  "Parent Genesis Account Locked"
    • include the exact last name that the parent account is in
    • indicate if the last name on your account is different than the last name on your email address or different than the last name of your child
    • include the log in information (usually your email address)
    • include the full name of your child/student
    • send the email to:  helpdesk@franklinboe.org