• Why is Project Graduation Needed?

        When teens celebrate their graduation from high school, it is a time filled with pride, a time to celebrate achievements, and a time to make future plans. But when teens celebrate their success by drinking and driving, a night that was meant for fun can easily result in tragedy.

        Statistics tell us that teens are at highest risk for using drugs and alcohol on both prom night and graduation night. Even though teens attend parties throughout their senior year, the peer pressure seems to be highest on these two nights. Many students feel that they haven't really celebrated if they haven't been drinking or using other drugs. Some parents even condone drinking parties, rationalizing that since the students are going to drink anyway, why not provide them a place, take their keys, and watch over them? Unfortunately, many of the students role models, from TV, movies, newspapers, magazines, even parents and community members, all seem to send the mixed message that alcohol and/or other drugs are acceptable when celebrating an important occasion.

        It is not enough to tell our children to "Just say NO!" We must provide an alternative to which they can and will say "YES!"  Project Graduation is that alternative! It is an all-night drug and alcohol-free event that provides fabulous entertainment, delicious refreshments, and many hours of fun-filled, supervised activities. It is an opportunity to give our graduating seniors a wonderful memory, build a tradition for underclassmen, and give each member of the class an opportunity to pursue their future at the same time. Project Graduation will ensure parents and all who know and love these young adults that they will arrive home safe and sound the morning after graduation.

        Project Graduation can only succeed with of the commitment of parents, local businesses and government, and the school and its students who support us in sending a clear message to all teens that alcohol and drugs are not necessary to celebrate their achievements. High School Graduation! Your support and involvement will help us make sure it is a time to celebrate, and not a time to grieve.

Clothing Drive (Saturday, May 14th)