•              FRANKLIN MIDDLE SCHOOL                 

    Kim McNee, RN, Certified School Nurse

    (P) 732-249-6387   (F) 732-249-7696


    Dear Parents/Guardians:  

                 We would like to welcome all the new and returning students and their families to Franklin Middle School.  The nurse works closely with all of your children in an effort to care for them and their health care needs. Health office procedures are in accordance to NJ State Law, Franklin Township Board of Education requirements as outlined by our district medical inspector and NJ State Board of Nursing.  We are looking forward to working with you this year.

                 Health Screenings are conducted annually as mandated by the NJ Administrative Code.  The screenings performed depend upon grade level, and are: height, weight, hearing, vision, scoliosis, and blood pressure. If you do not wish to have your child screened for any of the above, please notify the school nurse in writing the first week of school. The nurse will also call if your child has a significant injury or illness and needs to go home.  It is important to keep your contacts and phone numbers up to date for this purpose

                  Your cooperation with the following will be greatly appreciated. 

    • Breakfast: Please be sure your child gets the energy they need to start the day!
    • Absence: call 732-249-6410; listen for prompt for the absence line. Give name and reason for absence.  
    • Injury/illness: The nurse will contact family when a student meets the criteria for exclusion. Students must be picked up by a parent/guardian, or parent designee. The nurse’s office can only contact people listed on the emergency card.
    • PE Excuses – If your child has an injury and is unable to participate in PE, a note signed by the treating physician must be brought to the nurses’ office.  An excuse will be given to the student.  If your child requires the use of crutches, cane, an elevator, or needs to wear an immobilizer, that information must be noted on the physician’s note.  Students must provide their own equipment.
    • Medications – If medication is required, either prescription or over-the- counter, during school hours the appropriate district forms need to be provided by the health office.  The forms must be signed by a parent/guardian and the ordering physician and returned to the nurse.  The medication must be provided to the health office in the original container.  The only medications that a student may carry and self-administer in school are inhalers and epinephrine with the appropriate doctor forms.
    • Please notify the Nurses’ Office directly at 732-249- 6387 if your child is diagnosed with a contagious disease such as Chicken Pox or Strep Throat, if your child develops a new medical condition, if they are involved in an accident or has been hospitalized.  When your child receives a vaccination, please send a copy to the nurse to keep the health records up to date.
    • 6th grade students are required to provide proof of their mandated vaccinations as per the administrative code of New Jersey.   These are the Tdap and Menengitis vaccines.



     Mrs. McNee