Ms. Purvi Shah



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Ms. Purvi Shah

Sailing into 2019-2020 at FPS! 

At Franklin Park School, we are enthusiastically looking forward to sailing into the new school year!

All hands are on deck, as the FPS Family continues to look for innovative ways to nurture our students’ social and emotional needs. Morning Meeting has been a welcome addition to our daily schedule, and we will continue to foster a strong sense of community within our classrooms by beginning each day in a positive way. Relationship-building will remain a focus, with our second year of implementing the “Bee Your Best” mentor program. The FPS staff and administrative team plan to extend this mentoring opportunity to allow our older students to act as positive role models for their younger counterparts. We are excited about the addition of a new sensory path in our main lobby, as well as a mindfulness space for students to cool down and reflect. 

FPS students will be the captains of their ships during the 2019-2020 school year. We know that the responsibility for learning and succeeding lies in our students; it’s their attitude that will determine how far they will go. To that end, we will continue to nurture students’ ability to set goals for themselves and monitor their progress towards these goals because we know how important it is to build on successes and improve upon failures.  As they navigate the waters, we challenge our students to adjust their sails in the face of obstacles to reach their goals.

Purvi Shah, Principal

Franklin Park School