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    Commercial Art (graphic design) & Photography

    Contact Information:
              Email Address: falbano@franklinboe.org
    Office Hours:
              Wednesday's, 2:30-3:20 in Room A301 (unless otherwise specified)

    Commercial Art – Photography 1: Beginning art students will learn the relationship between the fine arts and commercial art in the disciplines of graphic design and photography. They will be introduced to the skills, techniques and tools used in “introductory” level graphic design and photography as well as the many career opportunities available in those industries. Class projects will include creating original logo design, advertisements, brochures, package design, posters, portraiture and other photographic formats. Introductory layout, typography and design development as well as photographic image creation and manipulation will be explored using the latest in design and editing computer software in a state-of-the-art computer lab. The uses of illustration, photography and video will also be studied along with the roles of marketing in the visual arts and communications industries.

    Commercial Art – Photography 2: Prerequisite: Commercial Art - Photography 1 or teacher recommendation based on portfolio review. Designed as a continuation of Commercial Art - Photography 1, this course advances the study of skills, techniques, and tools used in the professional graphic design and photography industries to the “intermediate” level. Class projects will include original, full-scope advertising campaigns, corporate identity collateral, environmental graphics, outdoor signage and intermediate level photographic projects including photojournalism and commercial photography. Students will have the opportunity to create “real” advertising campaigns to be used by the department, school and/or township. Further exploration of layout, typography, design development and photography will provide students with an opportunity to create visual collateral for district and school-wide events as well as the adaptation of two-dimensional designs for television.

    Commercial Art – Photography 3: Prerequisite: Commercial Art - Photography 2 or teacher recommendation based on portfolio review.: Designed as a continuation of Commercial Art - Photography 2, this class advances the study of skills, techniques, and tools used in the professional graphic design and photography industries to the “advanced” level. This course will focus on advanced projects geared toward furthering the technical skills and creative effectiveness of the graphic design and photography student. An advanced level of computer graphics programs and applications will be studied with an emphasis on personal expression, concepts of real-world “client interface” and regular in-class pursuit of “live” projects in the disciplines of graphic design and photography. Additionally, portfolio development for art school entrance reviews and future career employment opportunities will be addressed.

    Commercial Art – Photography 4: Prerequisite: Commercial Art - Photography 3 or teacher recommendation based on portfolio review.: This course is designed for advanced graphic design and photography students and will provide the opportunity to develop cutting-edge, creative design concepts through advanced creative-thinking and creative problem-solving skills as well as the mastery of technical skills in both disciplines. Advanced projects and tutorials will be geared toward creating exemplary portfolio pieces. Practical skills and experience will be developed by working on many “live” projects as may be requested from sources outside the classroom. Commercial Art – Photography 4 is for students who wish to excel in these subject specialties and/or who may be considering a visual art school toward a career in graphic design, advertising, interactive design, photography and/or other aspects of the creative arts and visual communications industry.

    Course Requirements,  Classroom Rules and Procedures:

    Materials: Each day in class, you are expected to have something to write/draw with and your assigned class sketchbook which may be stored in the storage drawers in the back of the room.

    Attendance: You are expected to be in the room when the bell rings. If you are late, you need a valid pass from a teacher or an administrator. Every accumulation of 5 lates will result in a teacher detention. If tardiness becomes chronic, further measures will be taken.

    Class Start-Up Proceedure: Upon entering the room, please check the "Do Now" instructions on the far right side of the white board. Get your sketchbook and proceed to your seat. Boot up the computer, if necessary and log into your student account. Many of the projects we work on are on-going and sometimes last over a week or more...during these phases, you will immediately open the current project as soon as you open your account.

    Note: all seats will be assigned and are subject to change at any time for optimum classroom success.

    Food: No food and drinks are allowed in the computer lab at any time. If you have a medical condition, please ask for a pass to the nurse.

    Electronic Devices: Cell phones, iPods, etc. are not allowed to be in use during class.

    Education is a 2-way street...with your help, we will have a great year!

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