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    A Note From the EAS School Counselors


    Dear parents and guardians,

    We are very happy to get the opportunity to work with your children this year. We are here to support the students, staff and parents of Elizabeth Avenue School. We would like your children to know that no matter how tough things seem, they always have an ally at Elizabeth Avenue School. We look forward to meeting with your child(ren) and helping them to have a wonderful school year.

    As School Counselors, we are involved in many parts of the school including facilitating Intervention & Referral Services, coordinating 504 plans, investigating Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying, teaching classroom lessons, coordinating truancy initiatives, coordinating state testing, conducting peer mediations and more. Our main goal is to support every student in the school. We plan to continue working with students through whole school initiatives, classroom lessons, lunch groups, and through short-term counseling. In addition, we will be meeting with parents, collaborating with teachers and staff, and consulting with community organizations to benefit the school and students. We are here to partner with you for a great year.

    Some exciting initiatives we have coming up:

    Star Student of the Month

    Each month, the counselors sponsor a character breakfast with crowns for each student. Approximately 50 students in the school are honored as part of our efforts to create a positive school climate. Teachers and support staff nominate students in categories such as exemplary role model, perseverance champion, and kindness community hero.


    Star Students


    Week Of Respect (October)

    During the first week of October, we celebrate what it means to treat each other with respect. There are many fun assemblies, and activities to promote a safe, kind, and welcoming school environment.


    Red Ribbon Week (October)

    Red Ribbon Week takes place from October 23-31. It is a drug prevention program intended to help prevent substance abuse, violence and bullying. The theme this year is “Life is a journey. Travel Drug Free.” Throughout the week, we will be focusing on making safe choices. Did you know that if parents talk with their children about drugs, they are 42% less likely to use drugs?


    No Name Calling Week (November)

    In November, we will be celebrating no name calling week. The purpose of this week is to inspire our students to continue their kindness to each other. Words hurt! They have the power to make students feel unsafe and not want to come to school. We want Elizabeth Avenue to be a place where no students have to worry about being called mean names. Throughout the week there will be morning announcements, assemblies, activities and lessons all geared at helping students to create a caring community.


    Kindness Challenge (January)

    Each student will be given a list of kind acts that they can undertake to create a culture of kindness. Students are challenged to complete as many kind acts as possible throughout the month of January. Throughout the month there will also be activities and a pep rally to emphasize that Kindness Matters.


    We look forward to offering support to the EAS students, staff, and families. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are looking forward to getting to know the students and families at the Elizabeth Ave school!


    All the best,

    Your School Counselors

    Sarah Spence: sspence@franklinboe.org

    Abigail Stanton-Schmidt astantonschmidt@franklinboe.org

    (732) 356-0113 ext. 2232

     Elizabeth Avenue School

    363 Elizabeth Ave

    Somerset, NJ 08873