• The National Latin Exam will take place on March 10th.  See Mrs. Jones to sign up...there are exams for all levels: Latin I, II, III, and IV.  $5 are due by January 12th! I have old exams for your practice and there is also a website for practice: http://nle.org where students can practice questions.  There's also a fun app!  If they need help at all, I am available throughout the year!  The exam for all levels consists of 40 multiple choice questions on the topics of grammar, reading comprehension, mythology, geography, and ancient history.  We have had multiple winners every year! Bring #2 pencils!

    The National Etymology Exam (etymology is the study of words) is an exam that takes place on the computer.  cost is $5 and is due by October 15th. Many students have now signed up for the National etymology exam and it will take place on November 19th in B222 during the 1st block (pd. 2)!  Your child can practice old exams and also look at online Greek and Latin roots dictionaries by going to njcl.org.  Please practice!  50% of the words are on-line...look at the jcl website under on-line tests!!  we had several winners last year, but you need to study!!!!!
    The National Civilization Exam will also be an exam on the computer.   It tests the culture/history of ancient Greece and Rome.  Please pay $5 to sign up for this test by December 14th.  One can also practice this test at njcl.org.  We had a few winners on this exam, too, last year!  not sure if you want to take it or have what it takes?  try a few practice questions on njcl.org!  IT will take place on February 10th
    Interested in signing up for the Latin vocabulary exam?  We had national winners on this test, too!  Pay $5 to sign up by December 14th.  Please review the list of vocabulary each night at www.njcl.org.  It will help you in Latin class and on the test as well as help on standardized tests such as SAT.  It will take place on February 25th.
    We will soon be giving the Medusa Mythology Exam.  we had a few winners on this test as well last year!  It is specific and tailored to a particular mythology topic, so make sure your child checks out the syllabus!! Be sure to sign up ($5) by October 26th!! check out medusaexam.org for the Heracles syllabus!  Medusa Myth exam will take place during period 2 in B222 on Thursday, December 10th.  Please bring a pencil as this one is not on-line!