• Consent and Acknowledgement Forms

    The district utilizes various forms to inform parents, guardians and students of important information; to ensure that these groups have received this information and, in some cases, to obtain the consent or agreement of a parent/guardian or student.

    Pursuant to Policy ______, this year the district will make certain forms available to our student families electronically through the Genesis Parent Portal.  These forms are available on line through the Genesis Parent Portal for viewing and may be downloaded and saved or printed from the Portal.  Additionally, you will now have the ability to acknowledge and sign these forms electronically without having to return them to the school in paper form.

    If you do not wish to submit these forms electronically or do not have acces to the internet in order to view these forms, please let the main office of your child's school aware of this situation so that they can send the documents home in paper form.

    If you would like to have access to these forms electronically but have not yet set up or activated the Genesis Parent Portal for your child, please contact the help desk????? ____________________

    Forms which will be distributed electronically this year, as well as supporting information referenced in those forms, are located to the right.