• The flags of Spanish Speaking countries

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     Welcome to my Teacher page ! The Elementary Spanish Curriculum focuses on the Interpersonal, Interpretive , and Presentational modes of communication. For each grade level, various topics are covered including the culture of Spanish speaking countries.

    For Grade 1 the topics include greetings, numbers, colors , letters of the alphabet and accompanying songs.

    The 2nd grade units are La Herencia Hispana and La exploración del mundo Hispano. The topics include greetings and introductions,identifying the 21 Spanish speaking countries of the world and aspects of culture such as food ,music and clothing, identifying colors, numbers, days of the week and months of the year .

    The 3rd grade units are Los días de la escuela and Los animales. The topics include greetings and introductions, numbers,colors , the calendar vocabulary, school vocabulary ie. classroom objects, school supplies, people and places in school and class subjects . Identifying animals and the movements that animals make.

    The 4th grade units are Nos Conocemos and Hogar dulce hogar. The topics include expressing greetings and introductions, using courtesy expressions,numbers,  calendar vocabulary ,asking and providing basic biographical information pertaining to age, birthday,and residence (state and town), describing personality traits and physical characteristics. Identifying emotions , Identifying family and cultural celebrations.

    The 5th grade units are Comida, comida gloriosa and Vamos a celebrar.The topics include expressing greetings and introductions, numbers, calendar vocabulary identifying foods and food categories ,expressing food preferences.Identifying healthy and unhealthy foods. Discussing celebrations and traditions in Spanish speaking countries and comparing and contrasting with those of The united States.

    For all grade levels topics are accompanied by songs and authentic videos. Games such as Kahoot , Quizlet and Quizziz are used for vocabulary practice. Students are assigned activities in Seesaw for vocabulary reinforcement. Students participate in interpersonal speaking  and interpretive activities throughout each lesson . Grades 2-5 are also assigned interpretive and presentational tasks in Seesaw.

    My main objective is for my students to enjoy learning and communicating in Spanish as well as to recognize the cultures of Spanish speaking countries.