• June, 2021 Update

    Purple Cohort Attends In-Person Instruction M-Th Each Week - Fully Remote Students Learn Synchronously With Their Peers M-Th

    Fridays Remain Asynchronous  

    Based upon feedback from staff, students and their families, beginning on April 19, 2021, students whose families have elected in person learning beagn to attend in person instruction Monday - Thursday for a modified minimum session schedule every week.  These students are part of the purple cohort.  Students in the fully remote program option (FRPO) continue to learn sychronously with their teachers and peers during that minimum session schedule.  Fridays will remain asynchronous for all students. 

    Families were able to request the change from in person to fully remote and from fully remote to in person instruction via a form in March.  The intent was that families would commit to one program or the other for the remainder of the school year.  That form has been closed. 

    If a student is enrolled the in person instruction program and wishes to switch to the fully remote program, his/her parent/guardian may request a change via this form.

    Requests to change from the fully remote program option to in person instruction at this time must be communicated directly to the building principal.  These requests may take time to process as adequate space in the classroom and on the bus must be ensured.   

    New Executive Orders 

    Several new executive orders have lessened the restrictions on social distancing and the wearing of face coverings.  However, these new executive orders do not apply to schools during the school day.  Therefore, all physical distancing and face covering procedures remain in effect in district school buildings and on district school campuses during the school day. 

    However, face covering and social distance requirements no longer apply to any athletic or extra curricular activity which takes place outside after school hours. 

    Participants at events and activities which take place inside school buildings after the school day will still need to wear face coverings, but there are no longer any social distance restrictions.

    Travel restrictions have also been changed to allow for return to school without a Covid-19 test if a student or staff member travelled domestically.  International travel will require a negative Covid test before entering the Country, but no additional test will be needed to return to the district buildings.  

    Survey on Remote Learning  

    The district values and seeks your opinion on remote learning this year, especially with regard to instructional technology.  Survey has been posted. En Español.  

     End of Year Activities

    Warrior Class of 2021 commencement exercises will take place on Tuesday, June 29, 2021. The FMS promotion ceremony will take place on Thursday, June 17, 2021.    

    The FHS Spring Musical, Once Upon an Island will take place on Saturday, June 12, 2021.  This producation will have a limited in-person audience but wll be available via live stream.

    Dates to Remember

    • Last Day of School - Wednesday, June 23, 2021

    Important Reference Information:  

    • Calendars - A calendar of letter days for elementary, middle and high school students has been updated.  
    • Quarantine Restrictions Following Travel - Students who travel outside of the immediate area are required to learn remotely for 14 days after they return to NJ.  Fully vaccinated staff members should check with their principal or school nurse about quaratine restrictions following domestic travel.
    • Quarantine Restrictions For Individuals Who Are Exposed to Covid-19 - The district is following the current guidence of the CDC and NJ Health Department. If a staff member or student is exposed to Covid-19 as a close contact, factors such as the vaccination status of the exposed person as well as the Covid Activity Level may affect the duration of the quaratine period.
    • Expectations for Students - Participation (Spanish) and Conduct during hybrid and remote learning.
    • Emotional Health Resources - Video highlighting resources for emotional health for our staff, students and their families.
    • Tech Resources - Technology resources continue to be available for families and staff members as well as a form for parents (en Español) to report specific tech issues or ask a question continue to be provided.
    • Meals - Meals are provided to the students in the in-person cohort.  The district continues to provide meals to those students learning remotely.  These meals will be provide in bulk to families in need once a week.
    • Covid-19 Testing Opportunities - The Township continues to provide Covid-19 testing opportunites.  A flyer with testing dates is typically posted on the main page of the website.   


    • Information on the Hybrid Pivot ProgramPresentations, screencasts and videos (FHSFMSElementary) are availble to further explain the hybrid pivot program day.  Please note that effective April 19, in person instruction will take place every week.
    • Information on the Fully Remote Program - We use this option for all students when circumstances warrant, this is the same program all students participated in at the begining of the school year.