• January, 2021 Update

     Return to the Hybrid Cohort Schedule - Blue and Green Groups Return to In Person Instruction - January 19, 2021

    Important Dates Over The Next Few Weeks: 

    • Wednesday, December 23rd - January 1, 2021 --District Closed WINTER BREAK
    • Monday, January 4th - 7th --Synchronous Full Remote Learning Days 
    • Friday, January 8th --Asynchronous Learning Day
    • Monday, January 11th - 14th -- Synchronous Full Remote Learning Days
    • Friday, January 15th --No Classes - Full Professional Development Day for Staff
    • Monday, January 18th --Martin Luther King Day - District Closed
    • Tuesday, January 19, 2021 --Return to Hybrid Cohort Schedule (Blue & Green Groups).  

     For Reference:  

    • Calendars - A calendar of remote and blue/gold team in-person instruction days with letter days for elementary, middle and high school students has been updated.  
    • Information on the Fully Remote Program - We will be utilizing the same program all students participated in at the begining of the school year.  
    • Emotional Health Resources - Video highlighting resources for emotional health for our staff, students and their families.
    • Tech Resources - Technology resources continue to be available for families and staff members as well as a form for parents (en Español) to report specific tech issues or ask a question continue to be provided.
    • Meals - As students return for in person instruction, meals will be provided.  Additionally, we will continue to provide meals to those students learning remotely.  These meals will be provide in bulk to families in need once a week.
    • Covid-19 Testing Opportunities - The Township continues to provide Covid-19 testing opportunites.  Dates will be provided as they become available. 

    For Future Reference 

    When we return to our Hybrid Program the following information will be helpful.

    • Additional Information on the Hybrid Pivot Program - Presentations, screencasts and videos (FHSFMSElementary) are availble to further explain the hybrid pivot program day.
    • Change of Hybrid Team - Changes from one team to the other will be considered by Mr. Wilson, the Director of School Management, after a request is made in writing explaining the reasons behind the request.
    • Change of Program Hybrid/FRPO - The process for switching to/from the hybrid program and the fully remote program option begins with this request form




Reopening - Month by Month

  • September - We began the 2020-2021 School Year in a Full Remote Program, meaning that all of our teachers began to teach, and all of our students began to learn virtually, through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous activities.  Synchronous activities, where the teacher and students are all interacting remotely and focusing on the same activity have taken place on Mondays-Thursdays during hours similar to those of a minimum session day.  On Fridays, all activities are asynchronous, meaning that students log on to their chromebook or computer for attendance purposes and access activities for that day, which they then complete on their own.  

    October - Students from some of our specialized programs began in person instruction at Claremont Elementary School, Franklin Park School, MacAfee Road School and Franklin High School, attending classes in those buildings under a minimum session schedule.  Teachers and support staff have been on hand to welcome our students back to in person instruction and safety procedures, as outlined in the district's Restart Plan have been followed.

    November - In anticipation of the late November return to in person instruction by those students who are not in a specialized program, updated information on the Hybrid and Fully Remote Program Options was posted.  Student families were given an opportunity to confirm their choice of program hybrid students were notified of their team assignments.  Presentations, screencasts and videos were made available to further explain the hybrid pivot program day.  Bus passes were issued. Tech resources and meals continue to be available to those in need. A special Covid-19 testing opportunity was provided to the school community and the Township continues to provide testing opportunities and flu shots on most Sundays at FMS@HSC.  

    December - Students in the Blue and Green Cohorts of the Hybrid Program returned to in-person instruction during the week of November 30.  Students in the Gold and Green Cohorts began in-person instruction the following week.  When not participating in in-person instruction hybrid students learn remotely, as do students whose families have elected the Fully Remote Program Option (FRPO). Due to operational issues caused by absences (staff illness, quarantine and leave), in-person instruction was paused and on December 21, all students began instruction in a Full Remote Program.  It is expected that in-person instruction will resume on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.