• Free Internet for Students: for counselors and principals to share

    o   article describing & providing links to 7 different providers offering support

    o   link to the article/information on providers: https://www.reviews.com/utilities/internet/free-internet-for-students-coronavirus-support/ 

    ·       Pioneer Family Success Center:  (flyers for both are attached to email)

    o   Free Virtual Homework Help: for youth in grades 3rd-8th, running 11/9-12/17 (Monday through Thursday, 2:45pm-3:45pm), provided by high school volunteers, via Zoom- for counselors and principals to share

    o   Dad Chat: virtual Pastor Tim Wolf facilitates discussion with fathers about being the challenges of fatherhood, takes place 2x/month, November dates include 11/5 & 11/19 (7pm-8pm), via Zoom for nurses, counselors and principals to share 

    ·       NJ Hope & Healing:  (flyer attached to email) for nurses, counselors and principals to share

    o   free & public support groups including groups for School Nurses Support, Parents of College Students, Spanish-speaking Support Group, “Teacher Talk”, Stress Reduction & Coping Strategies, LBGTQ+ Community Drop-In Group, Healthcare Workers Discussion Group and Support Group for COVID-Positive Individuals & Their Loved Ones 

    ·       Eliminating the Stigma:  (flyer attached to email) for nurses, counselors and principals to share

    o   Free virtual discussion  on mental health & suicide prevention for youth & their parents

    o   10/27, 6pm-7:30pm 

    ·       Safe & Sound Somerset:   (flyer attached to email)for nurses, counselors and principals to share

    o   Free webinars on topics including Talking to Teens About Healthy Relationships, Spotting the Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse, and an Inside Look at Safe & Sound Somerset programs. 

    o   Link to the webinar is below:  https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:2b07d18a-62b5-4d59-b897-2c0314052934#pageNum=1



    Dad Chat

    Eliminating the Stigma

    Homework Help

    Safe n Sound

    NJ Hope & Healing