Ms. Kelley Guererrro

      Dear Class of 2025 Warriors, 

      Welcome back Warriors!

      My name is Ms.Guerrero, and it is an honor to introduce myself as the Vice-Principal of the Class of 2025! Although it has been a few months since I started my journey at Franklin High School, it feels like home. Through daily conversations with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and staff, I've experienced firsthand what makes Franklin High School so special and unique. Everyone has a shared purpose, to help students succeed. I remind you that failure isn't the opposite of success, but a part of it. Life is infused with both challenges and achievements, but it is your mindset that will help you navigate your path. Take every experience as an opportunity to learn and evolve.

      As you reflect on this past school year, what lessons have you learned about yourself, relationships, academics, etc? I hope you cherish the great memories you had last year, but also focus on shaping your path to graduation and future goals. Through dedication, resilience, and collaboration, you can forge a path of success. Dedication is your constant companion, and a foundational principle of life. Stay committed to your goals and self-improvement. Resilience will help you adjust to the ever-changing landscape of life. Together we will confront challenges, and understand our own capacities to manage complex situations. You're not alone, but rather have a support team that will help you achieve your own success story. Through collaboration, not only do you have an opportunity to learn from others, but you'll enlighten them with your unique perspective.

      Franklin High School awaits you, especially the halls of C306! As your Vice-Principal, I will empower you to be the best version of yourself and pursue learning for life.

      My door is always open, and I look forward to meeting all of you as the year progresses.

      Go Warriors!

      Kelley Guerrero