Genesi Martinez, Vice Principal

    Dear Class of 2025 Warriors,

    Welcome back to another exciting school year!

    For those of you who have not yet met me, I am Mrs. Miles (formerly known as Ms. Martinez) and I am the Class of 2025 Vice Principal.

    We both completed our first year at Franklin High School last year, which brought to us a number of successful moments and challenges we have learned from.

    I am confident that the lessons we have learned in the 2021-2022 school year will only empower us to make more informed decisions that will help us meet our goals. 

    I am hopeful that this last year has demonstrated to you the importance of hard work, perseverance, and collaboration. Through hard work, you can do all things…and you can do them well if you practice. Through perseverance, your most intense hardships will be overcome, as you face them tirelessly until you are triumphant. Through collaboration, you highlight your skills and assets to others, while learning who and how you want to be by method of observation and discussion.

    I cannot wait to see you all in the halls and in C306. Remember that your Class of 2025 team is here in support of YOU, and that YOU must always use your resources to rise to the top.

    See you all soon Warriors!

    Genesi Miles