•  BTE Warriors

    Bridge to Employment

    Rutgers University and Johnson & Johnson Technology join Franklin Township Public Schools to launch a Bridge to Employment (BTE) Program.

    A cohort of 10th grade students entered this 3-year program in Fall of 2020.

    BTE Warriors will gain college and career coaching, academic enrichment, access to employment skills training, and direct connections to volunteers from Rutgers and Johnson & Johnson.

    BTE Warriors are developing a strong vocational identity, and the skills needed to succeed on a path to careers in health or STEM2D: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing, and Design.

    We are currently seeking volunteers to act as academic tutors and to support BTE Warriors. Submit your information here to get involved: https://forms.gle/bnvAiFGyirNCHhvp7

    Keep up with the BTE Warriors on Facebook and Instagram @btewarriors. Bridge to Employment - 25 Years

    Learn More

    By signing up for a Bridge to Employment Program, you join a global BTE community of Johnson & Johnson-sponsored high school programs, designed to increase the numbers of students who enroll in higher education, and to increase the numbers of students who pursue careers in STEM2D or healthcare. Learn more at bridge2employment.org.

    If you have questions about the BTE Warriors or are still interested in the program, please contact Victor Perez, Rutgers TEEM Gateway Senior Program Coordinator, at victor.a.perez@rutgers.edu.

    Franklin High School students and families can also reach Joshua Duncan, School Counselor, at jduncan@franklinboe.org.